• Freelance Photographer from the UK but currently residing in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. With many years of experience in hospitality, I want to help businesses to tell a story of their establishment with visual content
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Bars, Restaurants and Hotels

Since leaving school I've been working in hospitality in both the UK and Czech Republic. From bars to kitchens, restaurants, bistros and hotels, ticking off different positions and learning new skills along the way.

However, I had not intended to be in hospitality for the long term, even though I do enjoy the work. So an idea occurred... I started to stretch my photography skills to learn about food and beverage photography whilst working full time as a Deputy General Manager for the Red Carnation Hotel collection. Once moving to Prague I had the opportunity to start photographing in a few bars and restaurants here in Prague.

Which leads to where I am today, a Freelance Photographer who wants to 'tell a story' with visual material, capturing the beauty and atmosphere of the hospitality establishments in Prague. I want to help businesses produce incredible images to showcase to the world. Contact me via email at studio@jstevensphotography.cz or Instagram.